What is a Social Place?



A social place allows people to be, allows people to meet, allows people to encounter, allows people to gather, allows people to build trust, allows people to be proud of, allows people to be creative, allows people to use it, allows people to feel free, allows people to discover,…


With the birth of our children, our world changed. We mean it literally. Our friends labelled us as “picky”, but in fact the value of time, place and freedom got a different meaning. Before choosing a place to eat or meet, we had to make sure there is place for a baby carriage, that the place is quiet enough, that the place gives the opportunity to breast feed, that we change the diapers, AND that others are not bothered by kids. 


A simple and natural addition to our lives, changed our choices of places. We wanted to understand how others perceive space, if they have lots of money, if they have no money at all, if they like other people or not at all, if they feel lonely or overwhelmed by lots of people. We started to sort places for their qualities. The conclusion though was, it was the people who determined the identity of the place! And such places we are portraying in this base.