Alt und Jung-Tischler Handgedacht Basic info: Located in 8th district of Josefstadt on the Hernalser Gürtel, the company was established by Martin Aigner, Moritz Schaufler and Benjamin Sodemann. Website: It’s noisy along the Gürtel. The grinding of metal tram wheels against… Read More »Alt und Jung-Tischler

Ein Kein-Konsum-Platz im Markt Basic info: Located in 16th district of Ottakring on Brunnengasse, also the site of the famous Brunnenmarkt, the Offenner Bücherschrank is project initiated by Verein „offene Bücherschränke“ Website: The Brunnenmarkt is a vibrant and active open-air market offering… Read More »Ein Kein-Konsum-Platz im Markt

Ameisen-Starke Kooperation

A long and spacious street extends from the Gürtel towards Dornbach on the Vienna Periphery. The Hernalser Strasse, as active as it seems to be with the influx of pedestrians, traffic and public transportation options, is infested with numerous empty… Read More »Ameisen-Starke Kooperation