Community land trusts

Community Land Trusts are important tools in creating permanently affordable housing for people with limited means. This anti-speculative real estate development model dates back to the 50s.

Community Land Trust Brussels plays an important role in reducing the role of speculation and speculative prices in the housing market by purchasing land that is owned by the whole community. As they’ve so eloquently written on their website: “based on three premises: (1) that land should not be sold, and should at all times remain the collective property of the community; (2) that access to an affordable quality house is a basic right, not a commodity for financial speculation; and finally, (3) that living (together) on community land empowers individuals and strengthens neigbourhoods.”

One of the organizations we are connected with is Eutropian, an organization passionate about promoting inclusive urban models and structures. Eutropian provides support with advocacy, research and policy to support inclusive urban processes. They also partner with projects that inspire change, such as the Generative commons project.

In this interview with gE.CO partner CLTB and their representative Joaquin de Santos, you can view a  summary of the historical roots of anti-speculative real estate development and community-led housing. He explains how the CLTB has adapted the original model, and how they see themselves as part of the commons movement.

He also shares his excitement about the gE.CO project and what he feels the future holds for the regeneration of urban voids.