Community land trusts

Community Land Trusts are important tools in creating permanently affordable housing for people with limited means. This anti-speculative real estate development model dates back to the 50s. Community Land Trust Brussels plays an important role in reducing the role of… Read More »Community land trusts

What is a Social Place?

Introduction A social place allows people to be, allows people to meet, allows people to encounter, allows people to gather, allows people to build trust, allows people to be proud of, allows people to be creative, allows people to use… Read More »What is a Social Place?

What is the district book?

Buildings, traffic, construction, commerce… Are these the only elements that define spaces and places? Do buildings characterize our towns, cities and locations, or is there more to it? What about the people that utilize these spaces? What about their interactions,… Read More »What is the district book?

Unleash Your Creativity

Places become special through human touch.    Every person is different. The needs of every person are different. And how many different places do we have?  Conclusion Owned places are cared places. Cared places are nice to be. Nice to… Read More »Unleash Your Creativity